About Us

NES Electrical Supplies: Your Home For All Your Electrical Supply Needs. The NES is a family-owned business that started in 2009, only to work as a consulting firm. Back in 2017, we started another wing that aimed towards serving the clients with all sorts of electrical components, be it for sole business or business operating in the residential or commercial sector.

Indeed! Coming across a team that serves all the reliable and top-notch quality electrical supplies are taking half of the stress away. NES Electrical supplies have been working for so many years along with our dedicated team to serve your business electrical needs at once.

NES Electrical supplies cover a wide range of products like cable, cable management, ceiling fans, delivery distribution boxes, earth bars, earthing devices, electrical wall switches, hardware equipment, intercom system & security system, marking paint, metal brackets & saddles, and much more. It’s like we want to ensure all your necessary demands are fulfilled under one roof. We aim to make it easier to shop for the required electrical equipment of your choice.

About Us

We are not a brand name but an emotion that serves the clients with all the latest and highly functional electrical products. Some of our top-rated products are: Cat6 Socket with plate Cat6 Socket with plate, Din safe M module,6010 TLBU6010W, Adaptable Box ABS8 ADAPTABLE-BOX-ABS8/ 65*95*55, NHP32A MODULE, 3P+N Din safe M module, TLBU6010W, Downlight daylight, and 7204x300 Meters 4 core Security cable White.

Whether your search is for Electra TPS, Electra SDI, Security cables, flexible cables, martec AC fans, Martec DC fans, Clipsal busbar, Clipsal circuit breakers, Clipsal downlight, earthing devices, contractors, driveway light, emergency light, gap fillers, metal screws, and any other variety of electrical device, NES Electrical Supplies in Australia is at your service to give you the service you have been in search for.

Do you have any doubts?

If there’s any doubt on your mind, please feel free to discuss the same with our team. NES Electrical Supplies is always there to enlighten you with well-informed and appropriate choices.